Shire Lodge 5610

Consecrated on the 15th February 1936

Shire Lodge was consecrated on 15th February 1936 which makes Shire Lodge the 5610th lodge to gain a warrant from the United Grand Lodge of England. Originally the Lodge moved locations to hold their meetings, eventually establishing themselves in Sleaford in 1953.

Shire Lodge initially developed into a lodge consisting of many public service personnel, including local council officers, policemen, civil servants, and prison officers. However, our membership has developed, Shire Lodge members now come from a wider variety of occupations and with that they bring a wide variety of interests. The varied membership truly makes for a happy and interesting lodge.

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of every month from September to April, usually starting at 1830. A typical meeting will last about 2 hours and this is followed by a meal where members can get to chat and enjoy each other’s company in a semi relaxed atmosphere. Many visitors to the Lodge, from other lodges, return to us as they find the Shire Lodge to have a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Shire Lodge prides itself on inclusion of family and friends in all their social activities, which include Ladies Nights, Lunches and Christmas Specials. This is so important when trying to provide a balance between freemasonry and family life, providing an element of fun in all that we do.

The Shire Lodge is committed to supporting the Province of Lincolnshire and United Grand Lodge of England, in moving Freemasonry forward in the 21st century.


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W. Bro. Chris Williams

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