Goodwill Lodge of Instruction 588

Constituted in 1953

The Goodwill Lodge of Instruction was constituted in 1953 and has met every month, baring the summer recesses since. The aim of Lodge of Instruction is to provide an opportunity for the younger brethren to become versed in the ritual and symbolism of freemasonry. Also to be able to practice the ritual in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The meetings are usually overseen by two preceptors, from all of the Sleaford lodges (“preceptor” is another word for teacher).  They are experienced members of the lodges, they guide us through the various rituals. Lodge of Instruction is key to a good meeting of which the members can be proud , and which hopefully gives pleasure to our visitors.

The brethren are also given the opportunity to fill any of the offices, this gives them a chance to practice a ceremony in an office which, until then is unfamiliar to them.

Finally, myself the preceptors and the brethren of Goodwill Lodge of Instruction look forward to welcoming you to our fun and friendly Lodge of Instruction the easiest way to learn.

Bro Stephen Henman

Secretary Goodwill Lodge of Instruction no:588

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